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Miscellaneous Items

Oil & Vinegar Bottles Oil & Vinegar Cruets Ladybug Salt & Pepper Shakers 6 inch Palmetto Tree Tiles
backed with cork--$12


6 inch Peach Tiles backed with cork--$12 each

Peach Teapots
2 cup--$18
5 cup-$35

6 inch Rooster Tile backed with cork--$12
12 inch Rooster Tile backed with cork--$20

12 inch Sunflower Tile
back with cork--$20

Another view of Sunflower Tile 12 inch Grapes Tile backed with cork--$20 Chicken Feeders--I use these for small candies such as M&M's--$20 Chicken Feeder Candy Dish--$20
Tulip Vase
Iris Vase
Leap-Frog Bird Bath
Wine Bottle Carriers


All items can be special ordered choosing the design and colors.  Contact me at